I tend to weaponize my anxiety sometimes. I realize when my anxiety levels are high, I gain a sense of hyper awareness. I operate very well under stress. I am able to properly delegate while multi-tasking. Most times I can be indecisive, when I kick into high gear, everything is clear. (Didn’t mean to rhyme)

There’s always a victim though. When operating on that plane of intellect, I tend the be very efficient. Efficiency can be an enemy to emotions because, most time doing what’s necessary doesn’t require feelings. I can come off emotionally mute because I try to narrow all options to what pleases the most people at once. It’s not that I don’t care, It’s that I care too much. I see the bigger picture and I attempt to deliver it. The victim never sees it that way, they tend to feel exclusively pushed aside. Which I understand, I always felt “inadequete” or “left out”. Whether intentional or not, I rarely find myself as “the preferred” option. I would never want to make others feel like that.

I realize I have to learn how to solve issue through “more calming” means. Calm comes from proper planning, confidence and relaxation. Meditating is a way to help achieve some level of hyper-awareness. I used to view that as procrastination. Proper planning can be a method of efficiency as well. What’s the point of doing a job well, effectively multi-tasking and displaying proper leadership just to one day lose your mind. The goal is to be great.

It’s all about mental health, mental strength. Don’t let anything (or anyone) be “too much” for you. Take a minute, refocus and then resume where you left off. Ask for help! If your help sucks, fire them then get more help! The point is, keeping a level head is just cooler than over doing it.

My anxiety is not a superpower, its a weakness. My security in who I am and what I am capable of is my strength. I know what I can and can’t handle and I like that.

I am going to bed now…


5/14 Cuban Leaf Cigar Lounge 9pm

5/16 Comedy Store 10pm

5/18 Comedy Store 8pm

5/19 Hollywood Improv 9pm

Next Week: NYC

I’m Back ( …for now)

Okay, alright.. I’ve fought the internet/social media thing long enough.. I have a website! (w/ my own domain name) I need to use it more often.

I miss the days when it was dope to be private online. I always heard, “You should never put your personal info online” now look at us?! Face scanning, amazon/ubering/postmating, chatty patties!! We put it all out there, its just weird to me. Spilling your guts online? Especially to twitter, FB and IG. 🤮 Just so years later it prevents you from hosting the Oscars.

My best friend on AOL back in the day was named SSJ3Gohan. I never truly knew him, he never truly knew me but we spoke everyday. I miss that! I miss the anonymity of my online interactions. Now I feel like every time I post I am making a statement about who I am. I wish to be free of the perception trap that is social media. It sucks because I catch people only remembering things they PERCEIVED ONLINE despite me clarifying in person on multiple occasions. It’s just weird!

I’m learning that the online you is the real you, not the other way around; that’s the real matrix. Perception is reality, especially in 2019. It’s not 2004 anymore, even though I dress like it. You can be anything you choose to be; you can choose to not exist. I’ll exist on social media for now (because my income depends on it.) As soon as I reach as state of personal and financial comfort, I’m logging off forever.

Stay tuned,



Let’s get back to it people!

Thanks for supporting so far. On December 28th, 2017 we had the last Jeremy Scippio Live of 2017. JSL is a variety show with musical acts and other talented individuals presented by Jeremy himself. It’s been running since April 2015 and has been very successful. It’s normally held at The Comedy Store in Hollywood, CA but we also had special JSL: Chicago edition at the WIP Theater. These shows sell out fast so join the mailing list: SCIPPIOLIVE@GMAIL.COM


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Last Week – #TotalBlackOutTour

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Got to watch the legend, Chris Rock do his thing at the Dolby Theater. I was blown away by how quickly he developed epic level material since I seen him last year. Got invited to the green room where Nas, Diddy, Wanda Sykes, Kevin Hart, James Cordin, Jackie Fabulous, Yvonne Orji, and so many other where hanging. Great night.






1st – Carolines On Broadway  – 8pm

– New York Comedy Club – 10pm

2nd – New York Comedy Club – 10pm

3rd – LOL Times Square – 8pm

4th – New York Comedy Club – 7:30pm

5th – The Stand – 8pm

6th – Eastville Comedy Club – 6pm

– New York Comedy Club – 7pm

7th – The Village Lantern – 8pm





To purchase tickets for the show on Sun 8/6/17 please go to:



We’re going to have a fun week in NY. Shows all week starting with Caroline’s on Broadway tomorrow night at 8PM. Don’t worry if you can’t make that. Just focus all your attention on Sunday August 6th. We’ve got Tone Viera and Evan Combest on the bill as well and maybe a surprise guest. Thanks for supporting! #DEFINITETOUR




Ran into my home girl Awet Teame while in Boston! Met some dope comedy scenestars. S/O to Reece Cotton and Josh Filiposki. We murked ImprovBoston’s stage other night also I headlined John Harvard’s and GEM.

Laugh Boston has a dope stage, I’m hoping to come back soon. So long Boston, New York is next. First up… Caroline’s on Broadway!


Oh, and my flight is JetBlue (…whew)