I recently performed at Flappers for the first time in a long time. I was booked in the yoohoo room on a Tuesday evening. So you know what that means? That means not a soul in the audience.

Other than a guest that I brought who was smashing hot wings… I was in a great mood despite knowing this show doomed from the start.

Right when that “time to go” feeling started to set in. The manager, who has always looked out for me in the past, comes up and invites me to perform in the main room. Normally this wouldnt be a big deal but today I elated but for multiple reasons.

1) I didn’t waste may gas

2) I got to perform in front a large crowd

3) The owner was in the room and I was sure he secretly hated me for stunt I pulled years ago.

I killed, it felt like it was a great chance to re-establish some valuable relationships. I also caught up with an old friend there who planted an awesome idea in my head. I feel like I am a genius and with a positive and friendly push I can accomplish great feats. Stay tuned


Performing for a sold out crowd at Malibu Playhouse 2/29/2020

Sometimes, you drive really far out for a gig only to be hit with disappointment die to the lack of audience, lack of professionalism or just general “sketchy” vibe due to the location being subpar.

Then sometimes, you drive far out and you experience one of the best gigs of your career. Malibu Playhouse is a dream gig!! The stage was spacious, the host was on point and the other comics on the show were epic. Loved the location. The audience were full of locals the gave you an ovation that made you feel as of you’re shooting a comedy special.

I look forward to coming back. The best moment of the night (for me) was watching a comic friend of mine named Fizaa eat the bean filled breakfast burrito 30 mins before her set. I’m sure you can figure what came next!