The Write Off Room

Performing at the Write Off Room in Woodland Hills, CA

Sometimes you perform in the comfort of Hollywood and sometimes you perform in KKK country. It’s very rarely you get the Hollywood feel while being far away from it. This room was definitely worth the drive. What surprised me was the number of people that actually came out to watch me perform.

I throw these invites out not really knowing what to expect. To my surprise, I had a fair number of people there for me so I made sure brought “it”. By it I mean, my emotional baggage. So now I love The Write-Off Room and I decided to do a better job NOT avoiding Woodland Hills.


CJ Kelly game/comedy show at Westside Comedy Club

I had the chance to cut loose with this experimental game show hosted by CJ Kelly. At first I was nervous because comedy shows with themes can be tricky and annoying. Once everyone was on board we had along of fun. It basically devolved into a roast session. I look forward to doing it again.

Jack Back in the Crack

Busy, busy, busy… I can’t say enough about Crack Em Up Thursday. If I am in town, I always make sure I stop through even if I am not performing. Welp, that was not the case for this thursday. I had some stuff to get off of my chest.

I remember last time I made the host nervous cause I was super tired and my face is pretty neutral when I am tired. So he was pretty offended but he got me back by f*@%ing up my intro. We laugh about it now!

Hollywood Improvasation

I had the pleasure of performing at the Hollywood Improv last night. If these walls could talk.. Something about the lighting and the piano on stage puts me in a jazzy mood. I’ve spent many nights waiting til the show was over just to play the keys.

This stage is where I learned to loosen up. I used to host a mic here and I used to do the late night rolling shows so often. I’ve discovered one of my best bits while “figuring it out” up there. My first comedy TV spot was on that stage. All of that comes rushing to me when I am up there.

Comedy Store BITCH

Back at the Comedy Store, I’ve probably performed here more than any place in the world. Whenever I’m on a show there, it makes me feel like I’m clockin’ into work. This particular show is always great, and always sold out. I just gotta remember to be on time because judging by the flyer they’ll expect me to be late.


I have been blessed to be apart of a dope show called Splendid Radio on Pharcyde TV. I’m co-hosting along side Schmooche and DJ Oggy while Bootie Brown, of the Pharcyde, holds everything together. I’ve been working with my brothers for a few months now. Oggy provides the good music, we have interesting guests, and Schmooche kills it everytime with the foodie-isms. Feel free to check us out at: