Not Normal

Not Normal is Wanda Sykes’ brand new comedy special on Netflix. She effortlessly slays the crowd with sharp, observational precision skills of a political surgeon.

I first met Wanda 2 years ago at the dolby theater while in Chris Rock’s green room for his Tamborine Netflix special. I remember asking her, “When your Netflix special coming out?” She disappointed stated that she had just put one on Epix. (If you’re saying to yourself, “What is epix?” Then I think you understand why she seemed disappointed. She then told me it would be at least 3 years before her next one.

Here we are, less than 3 years later she knocks it out the park. Wanda proves why her insight is needed. She lets it be known up top, if you’re a Trump supporter then you’re not gonna like this! It’s called Not Normal to emphasize how a lot of the political media and government shenanigans shouldn’t be allowed or accepted. She even goes in on The Bachelor! Saying it makes women look stupid.

We need more strong, black female voices in comedy. I’m not sure how much she got paid, not that it’s any of our business, but she definitely deserves what the big guys are getting and I hope that the Monique/Netflix fiasco last year helped her get what she deserves. I also hope seeing the response Wanda gets, effects the chances of others getting what the deserve as well.


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