Performing for a sold out crowd at Malibu Playhouse 2/29/2020

Sometimes, you drive really far out for a gig only to be hit with disappointment die to the lack of audience, lack of professionalism or just general “sketchy” vibe due to the location being subpar.

Then sometimes, you drive far out and you experience one of the best gigs of your career. Malibu Playhouse is a dream gig!! The stage was spacious, the host was on point and the other comics on the show were epic. Loved the location. The audience were full of locals the gave you an ovation that made you feel as of you’re shooting a comedy special.

I look forward to coming back. The best moment of the night (for me) was watching a comic friend of mine named Fizaa eat the bean filled breakfast burrito 30 mins before her set. I’m sure you can figure what came next!


I have been blessed to be apart of a dope show called Splendid Radio on Pharcyde TV. I’m co-hosting along side Schmooche and DJ Oggy while Bootie Brown, of the Pharcyde, holds everything together. I’ve been working with my brothers for a few months now. Oggy provides the good music, we have interesting guests, and Schmooche kills it everytime with the foodie-isms. Feel free to check us out at:



Governor’s Ball

I recently had the pleasure of attending Governor’s Ball in NYC. I know it sounds like an elegant affair but it’s actually New York’s version of Coachella. I really enjoyed the experience, I wasn’t familiar with majority of the acts. I just watched Lil Wayne, Tyler The Creator and (if you know me) my favorite rapper Nas.

There were 4 major stages and people crawling all over each other. It was massive. The last day everyone have to evacuate due to a heavy storm that started during Nas’ set. (Which seemed like special effects at first)

I was inspired while I was backstage, I one day hope that my words are powerful enough to impact the masses. I want to uplift and empower to the degree that 15,000 people are chanting along with me. Spreading my wisdom to each other, while popping mollies.


I just got word I’ll be HEADLINING CAROLINES in NYC August 6th, 2019 at 7:30pm. I’ll need everyone’s help to make this a successful event. It’s truly an honor, I’ve been fortunate enough to open for Al Madrigal, Jay Pharoah, Deon Cole, as well as others, here. None of this would be possible without Jay Mandyam.

Carolines is a club I fell in love with way before I started comedy. Watching some of my favorites perform in front of the iconic logo. I’ll do my best to make this show an experience that shows the entirety of who I am up until now.



Not Normal

Not Normal is Wanda Sykes’ brand new comedy special on Netflix. She effortlessly slays the crowd with sharp, observational precision skills of a political surgeon.

I first met Wanda 2 years ago at the dolby theater while in Chris Rock’s green room for his Tamborine Netflix special. I remember asking her, “When your Netflix special coming out?” She disappointed stated that she had just put one on Epix. (If you’re saying to yourself, “What is epix?” Then I think you understand why she seemed disappointed. She then told me it would be at least 3 years before her next one.

Here we are, less than 3 years later she knocks it out the park. Wanda proves why her insight is needed. She lets it be known up top, if you’re a Trump supporter then you’re not gonna like this! It’s called Not Normal to emphasize how a lot of the political media and government shenanigans shouldn’t be allowed or accepted. She even goes in on The Bachelor! Saying it makes women look stupid.

We need more strong, black female voices in comedy. I’m not sure how much she got paid, not that it’s any of our business, but she definitely deserves what the big guys are getting and I hope that the Monique/Netflix fiasco last year helped her get what she deserves. I also hope seeing the response Wanda gets, effects the chances of others getting what the deserve as well.



Comedy Mash-Up at The Main in Santa Clarita. I got a chance to headline and dope Mash-up of Stand-Up and Improv. Dan Fowble, Nolan Culver, Eddie Furth and my guy Jay Light all did their thing. We even got in on the Improv fun. My horny Elmo impression was epic.

Las Vegas // DIRTY

Love performing at South Point Casino. Honestly, they’ve shown me so much love over the years. I performed at Metropolitan’s foundation room as well earlier that night. The host knows his crowd and tames them well. Gabe, Skillz and Greg ripped this crowd to shreds.

I was disappointed because normally we do a group shot at the end of the show. (I need to take more pics in general.) Any who, it felt really good getting up with my man Skillz Hudson. He was always a comic I admired. Glad he’s killing it in Vegas and I look forward to working with him again soon.

Couples Therapy

There’s an awesome show at the Virgil ran Naomi Ekperigin and Andy Beckerman called Couples Therapy. I had the opportunity to perform on there with my homie of many years, Taquita Love.

I like the concept of the show. Two friends, not necessarily a “couple”, pretty much do a set together. Some people have dual acts. Some have a song and dance, or one person just tells embarrassing stories about the other. All of this is converted into podcast form.

It was a very interesting and hilarious night. There’s even an artist that sketches you while you’re on stage. (@coyneworks). We got a chance reminisce about the good old days. Naomi and Andy were amazing hosts. Its a must see and must perform for everyone.


Okay, the Dogma show was epic! That was one of the most lit nights ever in the Belly room at the Comedy Store. My biggest regret was not recording it.


David Smalley is an excellent producer and even better comic. As soon as he touched the stage, it lit up in flames. I couldn’t believe all these drunk ass white people were laughing so hard. Especially at my heavy white critical humor. My boys Izak Allen and Frank Castillo did their thing! Jamie Kennedy and Amir K closed it out strong.

Guess that’ll teach me about complaining about the size of my name on a flyer lol

Crack Em Up, Crack Em Up

Thursday Nights at the Comedy Store are my favorite. There’s a show in the Belly Room that feel like aided in raising me as a comic.

The energy, the vibe was amazing. Without Nichelle Murdock, Uncle Levi and Maurice King! The room was packed and roaring. I was actually tired from writing all night and just being in go mode all day. I thought I’d be fine but it hit me hard by 11pm. I was exhausted but, I still enjoyed the warmth of being surrounded my comedy family. Its so rare for me to be in the company of Jamal Doman or Cecily Jamila. I’ve lowkey have been knowing these people for 8 to 9 years and it feels like a class reunion.